Harvest Moon, Blood Moon + Chaos!


Next Monday, September 28th, could be a day of unbelievable chaos, potential disaster, and the beginning of the second coming of Christ.

Or it could just be another Monday. Albeit a Monday with some epic sky watching to do in the evening.

Depending on who you’ve been listening to and what sources you’ve been consulting in the recently weeks, you have likely heard all kinds of interesting and often frightening predictions about the end of the world, the collapse of life as we know it and other such craziness.

Let me just state for the record that the majority of what you’re hearing…


Stay Classy!


Let’s just get this Blood Moon business out of the way.

All this “four blood moon” stuff you’re hearing is related to a biblical prophecy started by two Christian ministers named Mark Blitz and John Hagee. In this regard when they’re talking about a “blood moon” they’re referencing a lunar tetrad, the occurrence of four total lunar eclipses without any partial eclipses in-between with a six full moons between each.

He used historical and biblical dates and descriptions to come up with the core of this theory. He saw that these four blood moons would happen around the times of Passover and the feast of the Tabernacles. He had predicted the second coming would happen in 2015 after what he said would be the seven years of the Tribulation that be claimed began in the fall of 2008

Then came John Hagee, a Christian Pastor, who took Blitz’s work and his own to come up with a lot of the popular doomsday theories around the Blood Moon. Hagee has made big business out of his theories with a best selling book, multiple “docu-drama” films and many popular lectures and sermons on the subject in the last few years.

Hagee claims the term “blood moon” is religious and that these are signs from God because God is controlling the sun, moon and stars to send signs of something big coming.

To be honest, I spend a handful of hours wading through fearful end-times Christan bullshit trying to get the crux of what is trying to be said around this and I just walked away exhausted. I can’t help but wonder if these people forgot to read their own Bibles. They must have missed Mark 13:32-33…

“No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.  Be on guard! Be alert! You do not know when that time will come.”


So, now the stuff I don’t think is bullshit.

All this religious crap aside, we do have a supermoon, eclipse and the Harvest Moon happening on the 28th.

The supermoon happens when the moon is closets to the earth during its orbit while the moon is full {or new, really}. It’s an optical illusion of sorts. The elliptical orbit of the moon make it look bigger than it really is.

The Harvest Moon is the full moon that happens closest to the autumn equinox. It’s the last night of bright full moonlight before the earth starts to die for the winter. It’s the last chance to work late into the night to hunt or harvest the fields. Energetically it’s a time for gratitude, harvesting the fruits of our labor, welcoming change and honoring new beginnings.

Then we have the eclipse, or what I consider the “other” Blood Moon. This moon get’s the name “blood moon” because as the eclipse is happening the light from the sunrises and sunsets around the world are blocked from reaching the moon directly by the earth. The moon is still visible so the refracted light indirectly lights the moon making it look red.

Honestly, when I hear someone refer to the Blood Moon I always think of the full moon in October which gets that name for it’s connection to the agricultural time of slaughtering meat for the winter.


What to do with all this energy?

On one hand all this fear based, end of the world disaster stuff is bullshit. But on the other hand this is likely to be a time for lots of crazy energy and big changes.

Spiritually the eclipse brings great change, energetic shifts and possible upheaval. Our lives can get turned upside down and sideways during an eclipse, but this is how it’s meant to be. We get signs that show up like big wake up calls to push us on the path we’re meant to be on.

These pushes might be ugly and unpleasant. During the 4 days before and 4 days after an eclipse we can find a lot of things coming to an out of nowhere abrupt end. Relationships end, friends disappear, jobs fall apart or end completely, and other big shifts in our circumstances may end. The thing about these endings is that they come without warning and can really throw us for a loop.

That said, keep in mind that these kids of spiritual 2×4’s to the head are often what we need to get on the “right” path, the path that Spirit and our guides have been trying to gently nudge us toward but we haven’t listened or noticed.

Stay optimistic during these rocky times knowing that it’s simply a test from Spirit.

Do nothing. Don’t fight it, don’t force things. Sit back and just be present and observe. This is a  time to take a “wait and see” approach to all the rough stuff.


Best stuff to do during this super full moon eclipse in Aries:

  • Meditation, especially focused on gratitude for everything good and bad
  • Space clearing to release anything you no longer need in your home
  • Ritual cleansing baths
  • Crystal healing and grids for grounding and protection
  • Rituals and magic that focus on letting go of anything holding you back from owning your power

Just remember, this is going to be a powerful time but not a fearful time. This is most ideally a time to go with the flow and ride the waves of energy coming in and see where it takes you. Once the wave passes it will be time to assess and take action. Until then just focus on staying present and grounded.

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  • Linda Ursin
    September 25, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    I’m glad someone is bringing out the facts about this. Too many people are buying the bullshit

  • Lori Moore
    September 25, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    Awesome Jess!!! There is so much to learn and I’m glad you are here for us! Thank you xoxo

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