A Mabon Ritual for Thanksgiving

Mabon Thanksgiving Ritual

This year, when doing your Mabon ritual, include something simple to honor your personal harvest.  This simple spell that I have put together can be used as part of your existing Mabon spell or as something separate that can be part of your meditations or sacred space time for honoring the sabbat.

Mabon Spell for Thanksgiving

You Will Need:

  • A small deep orange or russet colored candle (you can use a Mabon intention candle if you wish)
  • A small handful of grain (rice is great for this but any other grain you feel drawn works)
  • A small offering dish or bowl
  • A small chalice or red wine, mead, or apple cider

mabon altar 2

Light you candle and reflect on the meaning of Mabon and take a moment to sense the change in the seasons.  Give yourself sometime to really sink into the feeling of this sacred day.

Gazing at your candle, begin to think of and meditate on the things that you have harvested for the year.  These can be actual things that manifested in the material world that you were praying for and working magick for, or they can be things that the Universe and the Gods worked with you to keep moving smoothly (your health, your home, your protection, etc).  Think of this as being similar to the part where you may go around the table at Thanksgiving talking about the things you are thankful for.

Once you have firmly gathered your intentions in your mind and you know what things you have to thank the Gods for, take a moment to now acknowledge the God’s sacrifice for your good fortune.  Even though you may have worked with the Goddess specifically on a goal, the energy of the God still resonates within that work.  You can always thank the Goddess as well because she has sacrificed for your fortune too through the death of her consort.
For each thing that you are thankful for, pick up a piece of grain and name it.


“I am thankful to the Great God for his sacrifice so that allowed me to be in good health this year.”


Do this for each thing that you have to be thankful for, placing each piece in the bowl as you finish working with them.

When you are done, look at the bowl and realize how blessed you are.  This would be similar to the idea of “count your blessings”.  This is a great way to realize that even if you have had a difficult year, there are still things for you to be grateful for and blessings that have come to you.

Take a moment to say some words of thanks to the God and Goddess.  These should come from the heart; thank them as if they were sitting there on the other side of the altar with you, letting them know your heartfelt gratitude for their energy in your life and the blessings they have given you.

Pick up the chalice and acknowledge this as an offering to the Gods as a form of sacrifice.  Even if you’re not using red wine, you can still envision your offering and sacrifice in the same way.  You can use words like these or something similar.


To the great Dying God and to the Great Mother who releases him for the benefit of all living creatures,
I thank you for your gift of life.
I thank you for your sacrifice.
As the red wine within this chalice is to the red blood that runs through my veins,
I too offer a sacrifice to you in exchange.
I offer a small piece of myself in exchange for the large piece of you which fuels and guides me,
Allowing me these things for which I am grateful.


Pour the wine in the bowl with the grain.

Spend a moment in silent meditation and reflection listening for any messages from the Divine.

Close your circle or sacred space, thanking any spirits or entities that you called in and releasing them.

You can let the bowl of wine and grain sit on your altar overnight as an offering and then return it to the earth the following day.  If you have small hands and paws that might get into it you can certainly take it immediately and offer it to the earth.

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