Michelle Belanger and Vampires this Friday on 20/20

It’s been rescheduled a few times but it seems this Friday is the date! Michelle Belanger, one of the most notable figures of the modern vampire and paranormal community, will be on 20/20 this week during a segment that will discuss real life vampires. So unless you’re getting sick of hearing about glittery “Twilight” vampires, you might want to check out this episode of the news program (you can find details about the show here). Michelle also shared from her Twitter account that she would be featured on page 1 of the Wall Street Journal in an article about vampires. Be sure to check out Michelle’s website, and if you haven’t read her books Psychic Dreamwalking, Walking the Twilight Path, or The Psychic Energy Codex do yourself a favor and pick them up.

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  • Rowan Pendragon
    November 30, 2009 at 4:17 am

    I missed the episode this week and didn’t get a chance to see how silly this might have turned out but Michelle posted the following on Twitter Sunday afternoon:

    “The 20/20 thing on vampires was a travesty. Only good thing is they cut my interview because I didn’t come off as a dangerous idiot.”

    Good deal. I mean, I can’t imagine being sandwiched in with people that think Twilight is real and people that drink blood because they’re bored is really a good place to be.

    Well in any case I’m sure Michelle will be making some appearances on the new season of “Paranormal State” starting in December.